Nasal wash
Isotonic seawater solution 100 ml


Gifrer isotonic seawater solution allows you to wash and moisturize the nasal passages and sinuses of children and infants. It helps maintain or restore the physiological balance of their nasal membranes.
It is recommended in the following cases:

  • nasal membrane hygiene (pollution, dry air, air conditioning, dust…)
  • prevention of drying
  • drainage and thinning of nasal secretions
  • stimulation of nose blowing


This product is a medical device. This medical device is a regulated health product with CE mark. Read carefully instructions on the packaging.


Directions for use

  • Washing / Drainage: Sustained spray in each nasal (2 to 3 seconds several times a day as needed).
  • Moisturizing: Spray once in each nostril 3 to 6 times a day.

Gifrer isotonic seawater solution may be used over a prolonged period (for prevention or everyday hygiene).




Isotonic seawater solution containing natural sea salts, equivalent to around 9‰ NaCl. Preservative-free.
Spray bottle with inert propellant gas (nitrogen) ensuring gentle and continuous microdiffusion.

To find this product in your pharmacy, ask for it using the ACL code : 3401520746176