100 years of history

GIFRER, a century of history

The company originated in 1912 from the meeting of Paul Louis Barbezat, a chemist, and the Gignoux brothers, manufacturers of oxygenated water.

In the beginning, Gifrer produced chemical products, particularly colourants for the Lyon textile industry and nitro-cellulose for the Lumière brothers’ film stock. In 1920, it was Paul-Louis Barbezat who discovered the stabilisation process for oxygenated water.

After the Second World physioWar, Marc Barbezat, a pharmacist, succeeded his father and developed his activity around family medicinal products.

The company invented the SINGLE DOSE CONCEPT in 1980, seeking to help pharmacists improve product packaging security in pharmacies.

In 1981, GIFRER revolutionized hygiene by creating sterile single doses of normal saline solution (saline solutions, eosin, etc.).

Today, GIFRER produces 280 million single doses a year on fully automated production lines.


The prosperity of the Gifrer company does not prevent it from adopting an ethical policy.

By choosing to manufacture the vast majority of its products at its historical Décines site (280 million sterile single doses at the site in 2011), Gifrer offers the region the benefit of its economic drive and thus employs 236 people.




In 2000, the family-owned Belgian pharmaceutical company Qualiphar took over the Gifrer company and is continuing its expansion at present.


From tradition to innovation

For more than 10 years, more than 36 million Euros have been invested to satisfy the new quality requirements and to create more and more modern lines.

Thus, in September 2012, a new packaging line was inaugurated to optimise production.  Gifrer is a pharmaceutical company dedicated solely to the service of pharmacists (pharmacies and hospitals).


Products that have spanned the years1984

We all remember the ether packaged in a blue glass bottle in the medicine cabinets of our childhood, the odour, and the cold sensation characteristic of this product, used in the past as anesthesia.

Products manufactured in France

Over 85% of our products are manufactured in France, 10% in Belgium and the remaining 5% in Europe. In fact, medicine production satisfies very strict standards that require industrial expertise and a skilled staff that has been preserved in France. This is also GIFRER’s assurance of optimum traceability.

logo2Did you know?

Gifrer is symbolized by a griffon.
This legendary creature is found in a number of ancient cultures. The griffon is conceived of and represented with the body of an eagle (head, wings and talons) grafted on to the rear of a lion (abdomen, paws and tail), with horse ears and a serpent’s tail.
The griffon is presented as the guardian of the treasure of knowledge.

Marc Barbezat, who was very interested in printing, redesigned the logo, drawing inspiration from the famous griffon of Sébastien Gryphe, discovered at the printing museum in Lyon.