Plant Extracts

Around 7,000 compounds used in pharmaceuticals and modern medicine come from natural products.  Plants represent around 30% of the products used in the world’s pharmaceutical industries.Herbs and Mortar

For a century,  Gifrer has developed extensive expertise in the field of Plant Extraction for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic applications.

Gifrer produces and markets a complete range of Plant Extracts from around 250 plants selected in all the regions of the world.


Extraction is done using authorised solvents (water, ethanol, propylene glycol, glycerin) and meets the requirements of the monographs described in the different Pharmacopoeias (P.E., P.F.X, DAB 10, etc.).


Gifrer guarantees :

  • complete traceability and access to all information necessary to prepare pharmaceutical, nutraceutical or cosmetic documentation,
  • certification of compliance with G.M.P. since July 2011,
  • availability of EASMF and CEP for the main plant extracts,
  • a development of new extracts and analytical methods in partnership with its customers and various Universities including the University of Anvers / Belgium.